7 Golden Tips To Sell Your Hill Station Property Successfully

The hill station property owners who wish to sell their property, normally post it on the regular property portal/ websites. Does it means that the job is done????
It is very common that in spite of choosing these popular property portals, the properties remain UNSOLD.

There are multiple reasons for it. For example, the portals having high visitor count and advertisement reach, are not able to get buyers attracted to those properties.
In this article, we will tell you the seven golden tips that will help you to SELL your property online.

1.Property Description: Please mention the views from the property site, on location climate, nearby habitation, nearby tourist destinations, and availability of essential facilities like Banks, Schools, Hospitals, etc.

2.Property Specifications: If it’s a built-up property, please mention the type of construction (Stone, Bricks, Wooden, PreFab), type of flooring, ceiling (Temporary/lintel), Interior finishing details, property schematic layout, water source, electricity source, terrain shape, furnished or unfurnished, etc which are specific to hill station properties only.

3.Prepare the Property: The seller needs to keep the property clean and neat as much as possible not only for the site visit by buyer or inspection by buyer’s team but to take photography and display in online property portal attractively. If the property is a house, get the civil cracks repaired, paint touch up, repair or replace the faulty fixtures like taps, locks, electrical items etc. Clean the house and washrooms and make the entrance beautiful in the most economical way. If it’s a land, remove thorny bushes, clean clutter inside the premises, repair the fencing and gate and level the land to present it most attractively. Preparing the property for sale may cost the seller but considering the increased sale price it can fetch, it will be negligible. Preparing the property for sale is the best way to sell it quickly in the present tough real estate market situation.

4.Property Photographs: “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single picture.” This proverb truly holds good for a hill station property, if you are displaying it on an online portal. If you have a high-resolution camera and are good at photography skills then you can try to click photographs of the property and the views from the property, else engage a professional photographer.
Always remember to shoot videos at the property site during the clear sky and in misty weather for the interested buyers to understand the climate and the views. The video should be having 360-degree view from the site, proper access way to the site, the slope of the terrain, water source, and plantations.

5.Property Pricing: The most important factor is the quoted price of the property. So while estimating the property price, always remember that hill station properties are unique like your thumb impression and even adjacent properties are not alike in terms of view, plantation, terrain, road access, water source etc. Therefore finalizing the property price is not possible through online study. The seller must be knowledgeable enough to work out the fair market price considering various factors or should get a fair market price analysis by a Hill Station Real Estate Valuation Expert. Hill-Max offers a FREE Valuation service for their clients

6.Choose a suitable Online property portal: A seller needs to understand that all the property portals are not the same. They vary in terms of geography covered, real estate segments, operating mechanism, customer reach, online advertising techniques, and support services. The seller needs to do a careful study about the above-mentioned factors and choose the best fit for their property.

For instance, to advertise hill station property online for sale in Uttarakhand (India), Hill-Max is the preferred choice for sellers because it is a Hill Station Real estate Advisory Portal exclusive for hill station properties in Uttarakhand with unique features to display a hill property more accurately than any other traditional property portal in India. In addition, Hill-Max offers support like a photo shoot and video shoot, site visit assistance to buyers when sellers live in remote locations from hills. Most importantly they assist the property sellers and NRIs to assess the value of the property and fix the fair market price, which is a tough task and only professionals like Hill-Max with hill real estate expertise can do.

7.Choose the right advertisement or listing plan: Every online portal offers multiple ad plans to choose. A property listed under Free Ad plans will be always displayed in the bottom of listing along thousands of property and visibility of it to the potential buyers and probability of selling it is very low. It is always advisable to choose the plan which best fits with the sellers’ requirement, because each day delay is a loss to the seller. Hill-Max offers best customized options for sellers to sell their property the quickest way possible.

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