8500 Feet Altitude

Owning a piece of land in hill station is just midway of a buyer’s dream and converting it into his dream villa or farm house will be the final task.

Why to live in Kanatal

Kanatal is located in Uttarakhand, very scenic setting surrounding by mountains and rivers, with breathtaking views and scenery. This is mainly because the town of Kanatal lies near Mussoorie, which is a popular tourist hotspot. Tourists mainly flock to Mussoorie, and the town of Kanatal is mostly left untouched.

Kanatal serves mainly as a weekend getaway for the local populace. It is located at an altitude of 8500 feet and is around 45 km from Mussoorie. There are many places that you can visit during your trip to Kanatal, and the Surkhanda temple is the most popular religious destination.

You can also take a walk through Kodia Jungle, which is a dense forest area located at a distance of around one kilometer away from Kanatal. You can spot a few wild animals by taking a ride through the jungle in a jeep, and you can also see Tehri Dam and  many natural springs that are quite prevalent in the region.

Buy & Rental Trends in Kanatal

The residential segment of Kanatal has witnessed a boom in the recent years. There are lot many factors which have affected the demographic growth of the localities in and around Kanatal, which has directly changed the face of real estate Kanatal. One of the important factors is the strategic location which makes it a major tourist destination.

Types of popular properties in Kanatal: Homes around the popular tourist destinations remain the most prioritized Kanatal realty segment and have lured the buyers and investors. The demand to buy Farm Stays, Holiday Homes, agricultural land is growing up due to the increased stress level in city life and interest on agriculture among professional and executives especially in IT sector – Agriculture revenue and tax benefits keeps it ever green. Properties in Kanatal with the Himalaya Snowpeaks, Hills & Valleys view, the pace of life, water body view, a 360 degree panoramic view and pleasant weather conditions, are always a “Premium Property in Kanatal” and on high demand.

The Kanatal property price has appreciated many folds in the recent past despite of economy slowdowns and the general real estate sector performance. Price varies based on the type of property like independent house, Villa, Residential Plot, Apartment, Farmhouse, Agriculture Land, Commercial Properties, the locality where it is situated – in and around Kanatal and many other parameters like view, climate, access, etc. Hill-Max assists its clients in this regard with its World Class Hill Station Realty Advisor.

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Kanatal Real Estate growth factors

  • Increasing interest and growing demand for Agriculture, earning attractive revenue and tax benefits
  • Soaring temperatures in Cities and need to have a summer home
  • Increasing stress level in City life activating a need to migrate to a “New Way of Living” – minus the chaos and confusions prevalent in a clustered society.
  • Increased investments from NRIs, who view Kanatal as a beneficial real estate destination
  • A place where one would want to settle, being part of this magical ecosystem – tourism, business, nature, and education, all blended together
  • One of the hill station with 4 lane road connectivity which made travel to Kanatal simpler and interesting – attracts people for short and frequent breaks to get away from stress

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Explore kanatal Properties

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Approx. INR 2500 to 3000 per square feet for quality construction with brick and concrete which varies and depends on hill station, slop of site, type of architecture, etc. It is excluding revetment, access way, fencing, water management and land scaping

Yes, wooden house is cheaper (about 2/3 cost) and faster (max. 30 days) than conventional construction using brick and concrete. Added advantages are enhanced social status, increased thermal comfort, better seismic resistance and can be retrofitted

Yes. Like in city, a client can get bank loan for construction of home at hill stations depending on his financial eligibility and Hill-Max provides possible assistance for the same to its clients in specific hill stations.

No. It varies across Indian hill stations and states

Architectural assistance and construction support fee varies case to case which depends on parameters like which hill station, type of construction, extent of construction, scope of Hill-Max, frequency of expediting visits required at site, etc – It is a project specific estimate and quote.

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