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We Just Know Hills

Human beings major cause of stress and health issues is the search for wealth and fame which never ends whether they achieve it or not. The basic understanding about the importance of mental and physical health comes after a certain point in life which ultimately paves way to the hill stations to revitalize at the lap of Nature and Dev Bhoomi (Uttarakhand) is that place.

Hill-Max was envisioned to provide customized and hassle free hill station real estate solutions for the visionary professionals and business men who wants to have a successful and healthy lifestyle.
Hill-Max exclusively deals with hill station real estate in Uttarakhand Only.

We Just Know Hills & Nothing Else

Hill stations are extremely unique in their own special ways like altitude, climate, infrastructure, plantation, habitation, scenic views, flora and fauna, etc. Hill-Max offers customized real estate solutions in major hill stations across Uttarakhand such as Kanatal, Chamba, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Tehri, Rishikesh etc

Hill Stations properties be it land or a built up cottage offers complete uniqueness so much so that the adjacent properties are not alike in terms of scenic view, slope, road access, etc and the property prices too vary significantly. Valuation of a property in the hills is tough and can be done, only who knows the Hills- Like We do.


Bespoke construction principles plays a very important role in the hills as more land usage, available open space, space utilisation, lesser floors, larger setbacks, limiting gradient of slope and environmental norms at hills enforces to keep minimum distance away from forests, wild life and lakes. Hill station real estate is completely different from cities at plains. In-depth knowledge of hill station real estate statutory norms becomes very important.

Hill-Max provides buyers all the required information for choosing a hill station matching to their purpose, selecting a property matching to their dream and understanding hill station real estate market to make the correct and informed buying decision.

We Visualises The Hill Property Buyer’s Dreams

Owning a hill station property is a dream for many. The dream may vary from person to person, like somebody wants to own a cottage with a magnificent view of Himalaya snowpeaks and some would prefer a calm valley view .
It could be a summer home, vacation home, social distancing life, status symbol, investment and agriculture revenue, etc.


Hill-Max focuses on finding the right match for a hill property buyer dream and purpose with the comprehensive and exclusive list of properties across hill stations OR by understating their dream and purpose through property alert which they set and finding it for them. That’s how Hill-Max became No1 Real Estate Advisory Company in Tehri Garhwal and other hill stations in Uttarakhand.

Hill-Max assists hill property buyers with complete hill real estate advisory, Construction Support, Property Monitoring and Renovation Services in specific hill stations for stress free enjoyment of their hill property. Hill-Max is not involved in any construction and renovation work but it assists its clients in connecting with right resources to fulfill it.

We Understand The Hill Property Seller Concerns

Hill stations are unique in terms of altitude, climate, infrastructure, plantation, habitation, flora and fauna, etc. Hill-Max deals with real estate in major hill stations across south India such as Kanatal, Chamba, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Tehri, Mukteshwar, Nainital, etc – We know more hill stations.

Hill-Max in a Nutshell

• Focussed & dedicated online listing for hill property – A Unique Concept
• Selected and verified hill property with choice of hill station
• Dedicated approach for matching the right buyer with the righy property- A Hill-Max Approach
• 121 Call facility to the buyer to understand the buyer’s specific need and requirement
• Guaranteed Sale based Ad plans for sellers in specific hills
• Property Management and Hill Realty Advisory Services

Hill-Max was founded to provide hassle free hill station real estate solutions to its clients based on the issues encountered by the stake holders while they struggle to buy hill station properties in the past, the experience gained by them and the ground work at various hill stations for more than a decade.

Hill-Max Real Estate is managed by team of professionals with expertise in real estate, agriculture, engineering, legal, technology and marketing.


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