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Why vacant land or farm plot monitoring is essential in hill stations?

Other than encroachment possibilities, hills are known for continuous rains at monsoons, during which tree-fall and land erosion sometimes happen. Therefore a visit to the vacant land or plot in hill stations at specific intervals is required.

Why holiday homes in hill station need to be monitored?

Normally holiday homes at hill stations are used during summer to beat the heat and vacations. Otherwise, it remains unused, yet disturbed – a broken glass in a window can pave way to birds and creatures to enter and inhabit.

There could be many issues like continuous fall of leaves on the terrace (flat roof construction) which could choke the drain, leading to rain water clogging into home during monsoon and damaging the roof subsequently.

More importantly, hill stations are known for tourists and there is a definite chance of misuse by the caretakers by renting it to travelers (without the owner’s knowledge) which is illegal. Hence property monitoring in a hill station at specific interval is a must and wise thing to do.

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Hill-Max Exclusive

What Hill-Max do

  • Visit the property at specific intervals (Frequency as per client requirement)
  • Submit report along with photo, video and below details
    • Abnormal situation or attempt to encroach, if any
    • Security guard or care taker availability at site and performance (if posted at site)
    • Assessment of building or site condition after heavy rain
    • Update the recent developments around the property and locality, if any
  • Encumbrance Certificate once in a year
  • Payment of vacant Land Tax (in case of plot) and property tax (in case of building)
  • Appraise the market condition and best time to sell, if it is an investment

You must have purchased a land / plot in hills stations for your dream home construction later or for investment with your hard earned money. Are you able to visit it frequently?

Most of the property owners and NRI’s reside far away from their hill station property. Is your holiday home safe during continuous rains and from misuse?

Let distance not be a cause of concern. Avail property monitoring services of Hill-Max to keep an extra eye on your property on your behalf.

Our eyes on your property to protect it

The secret behind the hill property buyer’s preferred choice than property portals

A buyer can buy hill property through friends, friends of friends,  relatives, real estate agent or traditional property portals but no one provides this unique and much needed service to protect their interest and investment. Hill-Max provide this most important property management service through its local hill office in Chamba and Kanatal with dedicated resource and systematic approach – That’s why Hill-Max is the most secured way of owning a hill property and preferred choice of hill property buyers across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Independent house, Cottage, villa, apartment, residential plot, farm houses, agriculture land and commercial properties

Assessment of building/ structure condition after heavy rains can’t be monitored in CCTV. Latest updates about the developments around the locality and best time to sell are the added advantages.

To verify the availability of care taker at site and his performance on your behalf, to keep a check on him for not letting your hill property to strangers illegally without your knowledge, etc and it also keeps your caretaker in check as well.

It depends on factors like property location, frequency of visit required and scope of work – It is a project specific estimate and quote.

At present in Kanatal, Chamba, Dhanaulti, Tehri, Rishikesh, Dehradun and other locations in Uttarakhand.

Do you want Your Hill Property to be monitored?

We can be your third eye on your hill property.

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