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Hill-Max Advisor major role is to work as an advisor to the Client (Buyer / Seller) and guide them with all the relevant information about the property along with all statuary compliances leading to secure transactions. Generally, Hill Realty is a bigger spectrum of consulting whereas property advisory is confined to a specific property or locality.

For example, a buyer enquiring about various hill stations real estate scenarios for an investment will be hill realty advisory whereas advising / consulting a seller to prepare his/ her property for sale or assisting a buyer to analyze a property’s pros & cons will be property advisory service.

Why a buyer need hill real estate advisor?

Every buyer wants to buy a hill property for different purpose like summer home, social status enhancement, vacation home for stress relief, social distancing, investment, education, retirement life, agricultural revenue generation, etc or combination of it.

Secondly, the properties in hill stations are unique  so much so that even adjacent properties are not alike in terms of above criteria. The prices also varies  from property to property even in the same neighbourhood. This makes it more complex real estate and the probability of a hill property to match with the requirement of a buyer is very low.

There are many ways for a buyer to find a hill station property i.e. through relatives, friends, friends of friends, real estate agents and property portals. These sources

  • Don’t ask the buyer for his purpose of buying hill property
  • Don’t suggest the buyer to “choose the hill station best suited for his purpose”
  • Don’t advise the buyer about the value of a specific property to buy it for the right price
  • Don’t educate the buyer for “what are the additional information to be checked in hill properties”, etc

Buying is not an independent activity. It is a process in which the buyer needs to have prior experience/ knowledge in hill property buying and capable of solving the puzzles or wise enough to associate with a hill real estate knowledge partner like Hill-Max Advisors.

The buyer assesses the benefits of investing in the hills station and then invests but don’t reap the benefits or achieve best return on investment (ROI) without the help of a professional hill real estate advisory which can be provided only by a property consultant having presence in hill stations and knowledge about each of them like Hill-Max Advisors.

Why a seller need hill property advisory?

Selling or liquidating a property is one of a major decision in one’s life to generate fund and hence each seller obviously wants to sell it for the maximum possible price. Additionally, many of the sellers are away from the hills and they do not know the prevailing market rate. Because of which the sellers tend to overprice it and find it difficult to sell their hill property as it does not matches with the market rate.

Secondly, a property can be prepared for sale by simple renovation so that the property can fetch a better sale value than presenting it as it is. On a fair assessment,  the cost of preparing the property for sale is less comparing to the sale value gain in most of the cases and the probability of sale also increases many folds.

Hill-Max hill property advisory helps the sellers to avoid over pricing and at the same time get a fair sale value by preparing the property for sale in a better condition. It is wise for a seller to take advisory services from Hill-Max – “one of the best property advisor in hill”, as Hill-Max helps in selling the property only to get fair market price, as they know “when, where and how to advertise” for a quick sale.

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What Hill-Max do as a hill property Advisor?

Hill-Max edge over property portals and real estate agents

Hill-Max share hill station knowledge and possible data, analyze the situation, dig information, workout various options and provide the best possible suggestion to its clients (buyer or seller) depending on their query or issue through dedicated efforts and systematic approach. This is a unique service provided by Hill-Max exclusively for it hill realty clients in specific hills i.e at Chamba, Tehri, Mussoorie, Nainital, Dhanaulti, Kanatal at present – First of its kind in India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. Any query about a property listed in Hills & Wills will be clarified which is not advisory. Hill realty advisory is a process of gaining insight about a scenario or finding solution for a situation or getting suggestion by a buyer or seller which takes 15 to 30 minutes time.

Fix a prior appointment with Hills & Wills mentioning your query or point of advice requirement.
Hills & Wills property consultant will call you at the specific time to provide the required advisory.

It is free of cost for the first time.
Second time onwards – It is free for Hills & Wills clients only who has a buy or sale agreement with it

Extended hill realty or property advisory may require site visits, in depth analysis and dedicated efforts with respect to a buyer or seller requirement and hence it is possible on free of cost only when a client (buyer or seller) engaged with Hills & Wills.

For Indian clients 11 AM to 5 PM IST
For International Clients and NRI 9 AM to 9 PM IST

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