COVID & The Rise in Hill Station Real Estate Market

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The three most commonly used words during the last 2 years in the professional world is WORK FROM HOME. COVID has definitely impacted our lifestyle, making all of us realize the importance of a Clean, Healthy and Stress free living. Hill Stations primarily comprises of Cottages, Resorts and Home stays and they are no more only a Weekend Stay, but a long term habitat for many. All thanks to COVID. The HOLIDAY HOMES Market has seen a sudden rise in long term stay requirement from the people living in METROS.

Holiday homes are undoubtedly the current buzz in the Indian real estate market. The real estate industry experts believes that people are tired of living under lock down restrictions in their homes in the cities and don’t want to continue staying inside the four walls.

People from Delhi/ NCR are moving to Vacation homes in the hills of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh because of the close proximity for long term stay. This has added lot of fuel to the slow paced Hill Station Real Estate Market.

The new segment of aspiring home buyers have done the situation assessment and decided to make a quick move from chaotic and crowded city life to peaceful, cleaner, open spaces in the hills and places of scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Vacation Homes are ideally located at short distances from the cities and have good road access with developed infrastructure, pleasant weather and picturesque locations. Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh fulfills these criterion completely and is Delhi/ NCR people preferred locations.

The Vacation Homes offers many options for a buyer who can’t leave the city life completely because of their business work, children education etc  still can stay in the property whenever he or his family wishes to switch from city life to a much peaceful and clean environment  and also can run it as a Vacation Home make it as a revenue generating property with basic luxury factors and enjoy returns on their investment with year-round tourism attracting potential rental income.

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